It’s Time For Your Sales and Marketing Annual Review

Are You Making a Good First Impression?

What will new customers find when they visit your website, find you on LinkedIn, or look in Air Charter Guide? We’ll audit those sites for: typos, missing content, broken links, stale information, and accurate contact information. We’ll compare your fleet listings to your D085. And we’ll test your on-line quote request forms.

  What Are You Saying After You Say Hello?

We’ll call in and request a trip quote, recording the entire conversation. Then we’ll evaluate it for you, pointing out everything you’re doing well…and areas that need improvement. (You’ll also get a copy of the recording.)

  What Are You Sending When They Ask for a Quote?

If you send a lot of quotes but don’t fly a lot of trips from them, one reason might be what you’re sending. We’ll give you a candid assessment of the quote itself, the cover email, and any ancillary materials you’re enclosing. And we’ll suggest items you ought to include with every quote.

 What’s On Your Marketing Trip Board?

There are five critical marketing tasks you need to do every month. You’ll need to put the tasks on a calendar, assign the work to staff members, and schedule a check-in to make sure the tasks were done and to review the results. We’ll explain what the tasks are, how to do them, and we’ll help you set up the calendar and suggest an effective check-in process.

Do You Have the Tools You Need?

We’ve built a learning library for our clients of basic marketing and sales tools. We have sixteen topics so far and we want you to have copies. Subject areas include: The Six Toughest Sales Objections; Handling Any Other Objection; Sales Skills for Everyone with Any Customer Contact; Making Sponsorships and Mixers Pay Off; and Growing Your Business.