AirPSG’s Learning Library

How to Work a Room

Do you attend Chamber of Commerce mixers or any other business networking events? Do you expect to make contacts and meet potential clients at welcome receptions, industry meetings, and conventions? When you attend seminars, do you take full advantage of the coffee breaks and meals to meet potential customers? This module teaches you a four-step process to work any room, generate interest, qualify the prospect, and get permission to follow-up on a specific problem or benefit.

Deciding to Sponsor an Event

Are you often invited to shell out thousands of dollars to get your company name and logo associated with a charity fundraiser or some invitation-only event attracting businesses or high net worth individuals? This module teaches you how to apply AirPSG’s Event Guidelines to decide about co-sponsoring any event.

The Six Toughest Sales Objections 

Would you like to know what to say when charter prospects and customers raise the following objections?It’s too expensive.The Press would have a field day!It would cause labor problems if the executives flew around in private jets.What would our customers think?The airlines have convenient non-stop flights to the cities I fly to most often.The Board would never approve this!” You will learn exactly what to say, what follow-up questions to ask, and how to turn the objections into charter trips in this module.

How to Handle Any Objection

This module teaches you a framework and process you can apply to handle any sales objection you’ll encounter in the charter sales process. You’ll learn questioning techniques designed to draw out underlying concerns; how to turn the concerns into a benefit; and how to close the sale on the objection. Prerequisite: The Six Toughest Sales Objections

Building Rapport

This module introduces the first step in any charter sales process…building rapport! Rapport is a personal connection between people turning an impersonal business transaction into something more personal.  When you Build Rapport, you help the customer to size you up and decide if they like you. Anyone speaking to prospects, brokers, or active customers will benefit from this module.

Handling Concerns about Price

This module goes into more detail on the part of the charter sales process that seems to cause the most anxiety in charter employees. The course material teaches a comfortable, natural way to expect concerns to come up, and then handle them routinely without anxiety. Prerequisite: The Six Toughest Sales Objections.

Grow Your Average Revenue per Trip

There are only three ways to grow any business, and increasing the average revenue per transaction is one of the most effective. This module teaches an ethical and effective way to generate additional flight hours on any trip by teaching the customer new and more effective ways to plan charter trips.

Grow the Average Number of Trips

A second effective way to grow any business is to make a sale more often. This module teaches an effective way to encourage customers to use charter services more often. The module shows a step-by-step approach to learning about a customer’s non-charter travel, and presenting ways to take those trips more effectively. Prerequisite: Grow Your Average Revenue per Trip

Handling Broker Price Objections

This module places a laser focus on dealing with brokers and handling their objections to your price. You need different skills and techniques with brokers because they have different motivation and objectives than retail customers.